Are all your Copius Brands products Gluten Free?

Our Veggicopia Olives and Dips are certified Gluten Free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO). The Crunchicopia Pita Chips are made with real baked pita bread and are NOT gluten free.


Which of your products are kosher?

All our products are OU Kosher.


How many olives are in a package?

About 10 firm Greek green olives in each brine-free snack bag.


What is the source of the citric acid that is added as a preservative for the olives?

Lemons 🍋 


Do the dip cups require refrigeration? 

Unopened Veggicopia Dips stay good for up to 18 months without refrigeration. After opening (if anything is left), cover and refrigerate unused portions and consume within 24 hours. Don't worry, no chemicals are added to our dips to allow them to sit on your shelf. Instead, we add additional amounts of lemon juice to stabilize the PH and allow them to be extra portable for all your snacking needs. Happy dipping!

Are these dips made in a nut free facility? I'm looking for snack options for my child's nut-free classroom?

Yes, they are manufactured in a nut free facility.


Why do you only sell the dips in small cups?

Since our Veggicopia Dips do not require refrigeration, they are designed for single serving on-the-go snacking. In addition to added convenience this helps combat food waste.


Why are some of the pita chips square and some rounded?

Crunchicopia Pita Chips are the kind of authentic pita chips you’d find at a Middle Eastern bakery – crisp and cut from real pitas. Some edges are straight and some are round (like the edges of the pita themselves).